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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Cancer Horoscope for Friday June 22nd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Friday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | HoróscopoMá



Loyalty has fuzzy edges, and it's difficult to know what can be considered a betrayal and to what extent you can keep loyalty or fidelity to a couple.

Those limits so little marked will be one of the problems that you will face this Friday, Cancer.

You and your partner have a different way of looking at life, and although there are points in which you coincide, others are equidistant, and also you don't want to see reason; you think you have the absolute truth and you don't admit debates.

In the sky there is a storm, and it's up to both of you to discuss as civilized people to approach positions, or if you prefer to open the Pandora's box and start reproaching information that has come from the other person -and from which nobody really has any proof-.


In areas of money and work the cosmos also points out that there will be a certain revolution, today it seems that you have woken up with the left foot, Cancer!

Today you're more nervous than usual, and therefore you will have a tendency to make mistakes at work, especially if you handle cash or if you work on numerical issues.

You will detect that error, and shame will attack you without mercy; and hey, it isn't necessary to flagellate yourself and less in public. Everyone is wrong, you aren't an infallible being, but a one more human being.

Take this parenthesis as an example that you have to avoid at all costs; tomorrow nothing can be twisted at work, okay?


The intestinal transit isn't excessively fluid, as indicated by the cosmos, so you should take care of yourself a little.

In addition to including generous servings of vegetables in your daily menu, you could take a supplement such as flax seeds, which help defecate.

Of course, rule out taking laxatives, and less if they aren't prescribed by your doctor.

Don't get obsess about how to take care of yourself, don't be extremist; apply common sense at all times, and you will see that you won't have to deprive yourself of anything.

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