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Full Horoscope for Cancer for This Coming Friday 23rd February by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Friday
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You don't know what to do anymore or what to invent so that person that you love notices you. You only need to make a triple somersault so that he looks at you.

You do not have to look at the stars to know that you two are not the same. If you say white the other person says black, and you can never tell who is right.

It's time to think that this story is not going anywhere, and that it's better this way, each one on their own.

In addition, you have the feeling that by their side you are nothing more than a little mouse and that she, or he, is a big cat willing to dig their claws on you.


A person from a circle of friends that you don't have much contact anymore is going to get married, and they are not going to count on you for the wedding.

You could take it as an offense, but you're going to be quiet.

Because you're going to save yourself a good handful of money, between gifts, clothes and transport, because they're not going to get married very near.

Do you see now the good thing about not being invited to this wedding?


The stars are giving you a challenge for the weekend. Try to figure out what is really important for you in life, how far you want to go and focus on that.

Make sure every minute that runs from this Friday until Sunday is spent doing what is really meaningful to you, Cancer. Will you be willing to fulfil the challenge?

If you are going to make last minute shopping in a small overseas store that isn't your trusted store, pay close attention to what you buy.

Don't trust the products that don't look good to you, and above all, look at the expiration date of the items, because everything may not be in order.

And in the end, your stomach is the one who is going to resent all this. Save it that bad time.

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