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This Tuesday keep rigidity in a safe, or throw it out the window and break it into very little pieces.

You fight more to keep things as they are and so there aren't any changes than to try that things go better.

This scares you, changes need a new learning and you're scared not to be up to the circumstances.

Together, holding hands, you must go forward and be more flexible to the circumstances that are not planned: family problems, firing, debts, health problems...

Have an attitude of opening and flexibility and leave panic and weakness behind. You're not alone in this journey where everything is going to be different, in a future where there will be changes. 


You feel trapped in a spiral of boredom. You have a job that you earn some money with, you can even save so you can sometimes buy things you want, but it's not what you dreamt of when you were little. 

It's never late to change, it doesn't matter how old you are. 

You can learn about other professional fields, learn languages and do whatever you really want to do.

Look for strength and courage inside you so you can get to the end of it. It looks like an aim in the long term, but time flies, life goes very fast and you could stay anchored if you don't hurry up.



Do you feel pain in your bones without any reason, Cancer?

You should worry about your bone density, if you're not doing it already.

This density changes with age, and it also depends on the sex.

To do something about it, you should sunbathe more to assimilate better the vitamin D, present in dairies and blue fish.

If you didn't know, it absorbs more in the palms of your hands, even if it's difficult to put yourself in a way so they can receive the light of the sun. 

Of course, exercising, fighting against obesity, not smoking and not harming your body drinking alcohol will also help your bones.