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The Friday January 19th Cancer Horoscope

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Cancers tend to create relationships with certain dependence on people with whom they share their lives. It does not mean it is bad at all because most Cancers will incline themselves towards a person with a dominant personality on which they can lean.

However, they find themselves in big trouble when they break up: they do not know how to carry on with their lives. It is hard for you to accept that someone may leave you, it is something you cannot get to understand. 

You must change your attitude and stop depending on this person. You may even lose them as a friend unless you change your mind. 



A good company is determined by a good attitude and a big dose of confidence. These are two essential qualities in your field, where you have to cope with two aspects: both with your bosses and your customers.

However, you are not good at hiding that you do not like some things. This is something your superiors are not pleased with. They still appreciate your skills, but you should change your mood if you want to evolve and move on within your company.

You would be the last person about whom your bosses would think to carry out big changes in the company. Think very carefully about your attitude.


Your ability to adapt to spicy dishes will surprise you because this is the first time you are willing to try them. Your digestive system does not digest some of your meals really well, and that is why you thought that spicy food would not be accepted by your organism. 

Nevertheless, you are very aware of the fact that thanks to them, your body temperature has risen and you feel more active. Try not to abuse of it, though. 


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