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The Thursday January 18th Cancer Horoscope

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You will find out a Cancer's intention who is not sure about risking or not, and it may cause a bad effect on you from people interested in you. If you propose it, you can seem completely indiferent in front of a reality issue which is driving you crazy. 

If starts are not properly settled above, it is rather normal to feel indecisive when you meet a special person for the first time. That is why today it will not be the best day for you to take decisions, but you should anyway mantain yourself open-minded and not close doors to anything or anyone. 

Cancers who are in love with someone can also feel themselves a bit confused when thinking of the future of their relationships. Do not worry: this thought will be somewhat fleeting. 



There is something inside you telling to stay where you are because you suspect what is to come will be worse than what you already have. On the other hand, there is a desire of change in you, breaking up with the routine and assuming new roles. 

In your field, you will be given a job position which is more complicated than it seems, and changing your labour life right now is not precisely a good idea. You want to highlight in both of the possibilities. Think about the possibility to improve what you have so far without need to leave. 

If you talk to your bosses, they may offer you assuming new responsabilities. 



Your body is the thing which more attention needs from you right now and, however, you are not paying much attention to it. The little stiffness you feel in your feet could be a symptom which shows that you are now using the appropriate shoes. This may cause more serious problems in time.

You need shoes which provide you with a good basis in order to prevent from irritations in your feet joints and skin. Knowing your feet shape and the way you step on the floor is essencial, because this is what you have to base on to decide the kind of shoes you need.