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Cancer Magical Horoscope for 6th February

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Listen to that shy and vulnerable voice that you have inside.

It's telling you not to neglect love, just as you’re doing.

You're not paying attention to the everyday small details, and that could lead you to a very big problem if you don't start changing this.  

You betrayed a friend long ago, without bad intention, but because you didn't know how to act differently; in fact, you didn't consider it a betrayal, although your explanations were useless.

You'll soon be talking about this fact, so get your arguments ready.


You may get the money they owe you, and that you didn't think you'd see again, back sooner than you think. Once you get it back, listen to your first thought.

Buy yourself a present, cover a small hole, give it to someone who needs it, but listen to your subconscious, even if it's only for once.

Because of work reasons you’re planning to make a trip, and the way the trip can turn out makes you worry.

It's a normal fear, don't worry about it. Just stay calm at all times, and act in the most natural way possible, even if you are far from your comfort zone.


You've been weighing your throat down for ages, and even if you try avoiding it, you talk more than necessary.

Try staying in silence so the problem doesn't get any worse and have some calming sweets with you.

You may also learn to listen and it can be interesting in other aspects of your life.

The makeover you want to have and that you haven't done because you feel embarrassed, is starting to be necessary.

Not only because you want to look into the mirror and see the image that you long for, but because it will help you psychologically to break many barriers and taboos. And you will make it clear that you must turn a deaf ear to the opinions of those who, even if they are close, don't make any difference in your life.

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