Cancer MONTHLY Horoscope

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer monthly: Your horoscope for the month of January 2020

Love: A good chance for love to bloom

Leave all the feelings you got from Christmas because the Magic Horoscope predicts there are changes coming for your heart, Cancer.

This January, the stars say you'll become a bit of a rebel, and sometimes you won't know how to act to avoid hurting your loved ones in the least.

If you're single, you should learn how not to play the victim, even more so if you know you haven't been making the right moves. The stars are telling you this because there could be a blooming love story right now, but you could lose everything if you don't keep your feet on the ground.

You're afraid of being yourself, and you always choose to use masks that hide your true self. Stop lying, start going the honest route and everything will go much better (especially if you have been lying too much to your partner).

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Money: A great adaptation to change

Your innate courage will prove extremely helpful this January, especially if you're about to carry out new skills at work. You could be taking on responsibilities that weren't initially meant to come your way.

You'll naturally embrace and adapt to change, your abilities on doing so will be interesting to watch, and what's more: you'll manage to sort more than one complex issue much faster than you'd expect to.

Set your finances straight, you're perfectly entitled to find a spot to get yourself something nice, and just for a few days, live like a king or queen. However, no matter how much you squeeze up and hold in, things don't seem to go that well anyway.

Health: Time for a makeover

You've let your body go a little, and some days you look in the mirror and can't even recognise yourself.

You should pick a week to undergo a beauty treatment that gives you a more youthful look, or to get a makeover that fits your most gorgeous of smiles.

As far as your health goes, the stars point out there are some insomnia issues going on but don't hit sleeping pills unless the doctor has told you to.