Cancer MONTHLY Horoscope

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer monthly: Your horoscope for February 2020

Love: A month of emotional ups-and-downs

Cancer, February will become a roller coaster of emotions for you, where ups will be constant and sharp, and downs will be steep, filled with sadness and regret.

The steps you're taking have quite a slow pace; it's hard for you to make relevant choices, and as a consequence, things won't go at the right speed. Each heart will beat on its own pace, and it'll be difficult to find the right frequency for both hearts to beat in sync.

If you're single, you shouldn't dump your pride out the window; there's no need to give up your principles, hobbies or concerns to find the piece you're missing.

Don't make mistakes when a could-be relationship is taking its first baby steps, especially if you think they treat you in a way you don't think you deserve. Magic belongs in fairytales, and what's wrong won't improve even if a fairy godmother shows up.

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Money: Information is power

As February kicks in, you'll see that information is power. You'll be updated on certain events and confidential happenings that you'll be able to use in order to achieve better conditions around work, or perhaps even some extra money.

As weeks go by, you'll see that a great professional project is coming your way, and you'll be able to make a huge quality leap. Get ready to give it your best, and update your training and knowledge.

Your family will surely help out if you're in financial distress, and they could even help you find a new job through their contacts.

Health: Fulfilling resolutions one at a time

The resolutions you set for this year haven't fallen into oblivion, at least not completely. You'll surprise yourself by sticking to your diet or working out more than you expected yourself to.

Dodge back pain by taking on a better posture at work, especially if you spend a long time in front of the computer.

A past illness, your own or that of a loved one, has deeply impacted your mood, but this February you'll start to get your chin up and smile against life.