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You are in a good moment; the Magic Horoscope foresees that in the next few days you will be very generous regarding love.

You are going to pamper your partner, if you have one, making them feel as they're walking on a field full of flowers.

And you will try to make everybody around you know that the bells are ringing in your chest in a harmonious melody. 

From Thursday, you will overcome some fears that you have.

You will even see your feelings of embarrassments minimized, and out of love you will do things that you would never have imagined, or if a friend of yours did it, they would automatically make it the epicenter of your jokes.

Are you in a relationship that comes and goes? Well, it's probably time to decide whether it continues or it ends definitely. 


Some planets from your sky invite you to break the most tedious part of your economy, Cancer, so you have to take action. 

Sitting back and doing nothing isn't going to take you anywhere, and without letting ambition blind you, this week the best thing you can do is to make a more significant effort than you usually do.  

This way, you will improve your situation, and you could probably give yourself a whim that you think you can't afford. 

Your energy and your creativity will be boosted, and the stars will guide you to make good decisions. 


Have you ever thought that your wellbeing is like a piggybank where you save?

Think about it this way for some days in which Magic Horoscope recommends you to avoid some excesses so that in the future your health is closer to an oak than to a bush.

The periods of mental darkness will be buried temporarily, and you are going to love yourself very much, and you'll be willing to look after your appearance.

As a sensitive zone, the stars focus on your back as the center of your pains.

Look after it, avoid getting heavy stuff, and use warm blankets to make it better

The sage and the hawthorn will be herbs that will do you good this week; take an infusion of them, and you will sleep peacefully.