Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If you leave the window of love opened, you'll feel new winds come in, that can even become a tornado that turns your world and your heart upside down.

In the case you are single, you'll experience a real fairy tale, and you'll live happily ever after. 

However, until you get to that happy moment, you will have to fight against monsters and dodge paths full of thorns with your sword. 

In relationships, especially at mid-week, there will be some quarrel or disagreement, which although it won't be anything that will mark your lives, it will be an unpleasant episode.

Try to avoid those daily reproaches that don't lead you to anything good, those that are said out loud just because you can't be bothered of being silent and in peace.

If you have time, be imaginative and organize a beautiful night out when the weekend comes, don't expect always to be the surprised one, Cancer. 


A week full of work is foreseen, especially for those born under the sign of Cancer that are freelance. 

You are going to end up exhausted, but your wallet won't be short of profit.

Keep some resources for when there aren't any because in the imminent future you will have some kind of problem that will be solved with a checkbook. 

However, if you work in teams, have your position clear: don't make decisions you aren't supposed to make, let everyone do their job.

If you feel creative: take a notebook everywhere with you: perhaps you could sell some pictures at some point.


Magic Horoscope has a challenge for you for these days: don't drink anything that contains caffeine or any stimulant drinks.

Give your body some mercy, let it get clean of stimulants there are in drinks you have every day! It will bring you some peace, you'll see.

In fact, your nerves will be much more controlled, and you will be able to rest better at night because you know some days you don't sleep at all.

Migraines are a problem for you, Cancer.

Avoid activities that cause you a headache, but don't become rigid, get off the main road and give your life some excitement.