Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The Magic Horoscope points out that you won't look for the routine this week. You will actually run away from it because it could bore you, and your heart needs some excitement and fun.

You could confuse a monotonous life with stability, so try to stop your mind thinking how would your life be if you left all you have behind and you started from the beginning again, with a free heart.

Your spirit is going to be possessed temporarily by rebellious demons that will lead you to fight against the established.

Look after the envious creature, Cancer, because wishing for more attention or exquisite treatment can be counterproductive, you know?

However, if you do your part, your partner, if you have one, will be able to understand most of your positions, and together you can continue to build the path.

On the other hand, important chapters will be written for singles.

Although it's possible that they are stories with an end.


These days you are going to feel free regarding the way you make a living because you have your mind clear and with the will to undertake.

Doing things with illusion and in good faith will make you achieve success easily, Cancer, so go in that direction.

The expenses, however, will be constant, and you'll have to calculate more than necessary to make it all fit together like a colorful jigsaw puzzle.

In addition, the stars will give you a special talent when it comes to dodging some personal or professional commitmentsthat involve expenditure that you don't want at all, such as attending a birthday or similar event.


The Magic Horoscope keeps your health safe, especially coming from Saturn

Don't spoil the astrological present and focus on your health.

This week you should focus on yourself, even if it's just a bit. Give yourself a treat going to a physiotherapist.

Like a car that is not giving you any problems but you take to the mechanic for a check-up.

Nature will be your ally if you need to leave aside everyday stress.