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Cancer Weekly Prediction for 1-7 October

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Love is a feeling that changes with time, it's not a feeling that you have, and it just stays there, and it's eternal. This week you'll realize that some things have changed.

Everyone can be afraid of changes, but you shouldn't be scared before anything happens, because things can get better, in a different way, but remarkably better!

This can be interpreted as a crisis for which there is a solution through understanding, forgiveness, and affection, even though you have to do what you can. 

Single Cancerians may have set the bar high when it comes to who they could love or not, and this is a dangerous game. You shouldn't be so vain because your card castle could fall.

Everything will be very predictable. 


You are going to have a creative week, in which you'll be able to see opportunities to make money and generate business where others only see problems. 

A sixth sense will tell you how to find solutions that can provide you with some money in your bank account, and use that slyness to get very far. 

Be careful: don't choose the shortest paths to get money, because you might be doing something illegal or not ethical.

And before you realize, someone will call your attention to invite you to go back to the good path, an invitation that might not come in good manners.


This first week of October is highlighted in your astral calendar because you have to fight for your dreams. 

You need to evolve as a person, let your hair down, do what you've always wanted to do and you've never been able to do.

You'll be ok regarding your health so focus on your spiritual side.  Be like you really are and show yourself without a mask.

The only thing you might experience is a brief, unimportant hormonal maladjustment, and if you live accused by stress, you can also feel how some foods don't sit as well as you expected. 

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