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Passion will be ardent in your body from this Monday, which puts an end to the first two weeks of October. 

You'll look for passion and friendliness, something similar to that pure love that only appears in novels, and you'll put in second place the material goods and different interests.

Not all week will be a fireworks party, even if you try to make it happen, and your impatience can play tricks on you, you'll have to learn to control yourself!

If you succeed, you will gradually see the light wherein the beginning there were shadows, and live the feelings with intensity.

In the case that you aren't wearing an engagement ring and you are a free soul, if you manage to leave behind certain prejudices and chains that you impose yourself, you will be able to meet someone who rings bells inside your soul.


Shake hard the mattress where you hide your savings and see if it's soft enough because you're going to find out some hole that you'll have to cover very fast.

Revise your investments because you're going to have to make some decisions that won't be easy at all; you'll have to seek advice and analyze what the best movements you'll have to carry out will be.

If your self-esteem isn't at its best, get on with it and trust in your lucky charm! The self-confidence you have will be vital for you to step hard on the ground you have to walk on every day.

About your work environment, many of the crab natives may suffer setbacks with co-workers, and you may have to defend yourself from toxic information that will be thrown about you.


You won't have to kill yourself in the gym next week for your well-being to be decent enough, Cancer.

The Magic Horoscope points out that if you move a little every day, a nice walk, for example, will be enough to activate your metabolism.

You'll have some optimism inside of you, and you'll project it to people that you have around you, which will be fantastic: you'll make the world a better place!

This doesn't mean that sometimes you feel some loneliness. Have you thought of adopting a dog so you can give it some affection and you have company every day?

And if you organize your timetables better, you'll have a wonderful week!