Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The first thing that the stars tell you this week is that you have to let your partner do their own thing, without suffocating. Because you could be on top of them without realizing and that won't bring anything good. 

Having clarified this, the stars also indicate that you will overcome shyness if this is a problem for you, and you can connect better with the universe, and of course, with the people who live in it.

If you are single (and you're willing to meet new people, without the need of committing to anything for now), your dates could multiply. 

Some story, however, could evolve more than you can imagine, and in the end, joy doesn't precisely prevail.

As the days go by, your way of communicating will be rather clumsy, and not because you lack the words, but because you speak too much. But if there is some kind of conflict, you will be the winner.


The Magic Horoscope foresees a good week in the practical aspect for Cancers, especially for those who work from home. 

Congratulations if this is your case!

During this week, the last one of October, try to work on impatience, fight against it, because standing on the accelerator won't bring you anything good. 

In fact, it's probably time to get off the present train of your life and save a bit more (something that is necessary, can't you see that Christmas is coming and you'll have to socialize and give a lot of presents?)

To get some extra income, the sky points out the word rent, that you rent out a property that you don't use or even a room from where you live. 


If they have diagnosed a health problem and it doesn't convince you, this week is ideal for you to ask for new opinions.

Your liver, without it hurting, could cause you some annoyance, so look after it and eliminate fat foods from your diet, such as alcohol, of course. 

You're going to set your own pace; you will know which path is the one you must choose so that the tone of your body and your mind is prosperous.

You'll be better able to control the times you need to rest (the years are getting heavier, and what yesterday seemed silly to you today is a real odyssey) and you'll be able to enjoy some harmony.