Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It doesn't matter if you have a passenger in your heart, or that it's lonely, like a taxi that moves around the city, waiting for someone to raise their hand to stop it.

Venus will protect your love throughout the week, so you'll keep your smile on your face. 

Opening your heart and showing your feelings can bring you joy, more than what you think, especially in complicated issues, those that you save in your heavy rucksack. 

That solidity that exists in your story will be evident, you will have no doubts, and you can even tell evil people who judge your romance to go to hell.

You could have an argument during the week, but the force of the love God will help you so that your wounds heal instantly. 


Do you have any professional appointments for this week?

If you do, you must consider them something sacred, something you can't change the date for.

You could regret having lost essential opportunities because you are lazy. 

At some point, you could feel lost, in economic and professional issues, but Mercury will be there, emphasizing your intuition, so you choose the best for you.

Some natives of this sign will feel they are stuck, that their lives don't move forward or backward, and they should probably think about studying again or improving competencies. 

And, of course, consider the challenge of saving, but without your belt becoming a gallows that squeezes your circulation.


During the first days of this period, the Magic Horoscope recommends taking things calmly and softly: or would you like to get injured because of your clumsiness?

Your self-confidence will be decent, and you'll be willing to see yourself good in front of the mirror. 

But don't make it too much. Don't wear clothes so tight that they are uncomfortable or that they even make you sore or hurt you somewhere. 

If you need to be exceptionally creative for something, the stars recommend you to shower in the morning, it will help muses to sit on your shoulders and they tell you good ideas.

Too much caffeine can cause hot flashes, so control how many cups of coffee you drink throughout the day, and while you're at it, discard the sodas, they're loaded with unnecessary sugars!