Cancer Weekly Prediction for 8-14 October

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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- Love
- Money
- Health


Although you might not like reading this prediction, the truth is, Cancer, that your week won't start very well in love matters, and if you want to blame someone, you should blame Mercury. 

This planet will counteract the spell that Venus wants to exert on you, and will impregnate in you an egoistic air that doesn't exactly open doors to hearts.

Emotions are going to be on edge and visceral during the following days, but no matter how much fuss there is, don't make decisions on the fly (or you'll regret it).

The single Cancerians get prepared to surprise yourself because the astral sky tends to improvise and get you out of your schemes.

Are you one of those who doesn't believe in love at first sight? You might do from now on. Or at least, a bit.


It can be too easy for you to open your wallet. You'll regret it if you don't put a stop to it. 

At work, a special success is predicted for those who engage in trade or sales, you'll be an unstoppable crab, and you won't exactly walk backwards!

The key, and this is for all natives regardless of their job, is to aim high, aspire to greatness and don't accept middle terms. Lots of concentration and decision!

After some days, you'll feel a wind that tells you what path to follow, and you'll have to be smart, to turn the helm in the right moment.

For family budgets, you will have a particular skill -not so for your own-, and someone may even value your excellent work, and hey, that praise won't hurt.


Have you already started to love and look after yourself more? The stars' answer is yes, and that is wonderful because no one will look out for your welfare the way you do it yourself.

Little by little you will learn to master that spirit of contradiction that dwells within each one of us, and that sometimes leads us to be our main enemies.

However, you can experience some outbreak of stress, possibly in economic or professional matters, and that manifests itself through your skin, with itching or rash.

When you have an encounter with your family or friends, propose doing some activity that promotes mental training. Board games, or any other activity that allows you to have a good time and exercise your gray matter.