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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Horoscope for October 2018
OctoberHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Changes are coming —not necessarily bad ones

What would you think if your love circumstances changed? Because that is what the stars foresee for you, Cancer.

But the consequences don't have necessarily to be bad. However, they may force you to adapt to a new reality.

Keep a cool head. If you think that you need to change your love path, just do it. But always think before you act.

The best way is using kind words and not accusing or judging anyone. You don't like to be analyzed either.

On the other hand, those Cancer who are single will still be. There might be some love affairs, but the stars point out that you will keep clear of intense love.

Money: Seize your chances

Raise your head and set the goals you want to achieve this month —those improvements that your economy needs.

Do not settle for ordinariness. Aim for excellence. Fight to make it. Some good chances will come, and you will have to seize them. 

Your business intuition will develop around half of the month. That might be the moment for some whims, for example, that cell phone you want so bad.

Unfortunately, not all the month will be so favorable. There will also be moments in which your progress will slow down, but don't force your assets. Act wisely and always thinking of the future.

Health: It's time to smile

Water retention may cause you to feel more bloated, but you don't need to worry about it.

Take some draining infusion and watch out with the salt that you add to your dishes. These pieces of advice will improve your wellbeing.

You will enjoy a better mood. If you have been through a rough time lately, now it belongs in the past. You will spread joy wherever you go.

Take more care of yourself, despite your age. Age is just a number, and it doesn't matter.

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