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Full Cancer Magical Horoscope Forecast for Monday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 5th February
Cancer daily horoscope |


You are playing your cards bravely, exposing your feelings and trying to say everything you have in mind. You are on the right track, so don’t torment yourself, it is not necessary.

That person values the way you are acting, even though you feel that they are cold sometimes. It is not that the situation is too big for them, but that they didn’t expect so much sincerity from you.

You miss a loved one that is no longer with you very much, and sometimes this leaves you with a sadness that’s difficult to handle.

Try to retrieve all that love and spread it to the people that you have now around you, and spend a bit more time with them.

You will hear a saying that you thought you would never hear again. Don’t be afraid of hugging others.


Everybody is telling you to learn to balance your personal and work life; basically, you cannot always have work in your head.

You don’t know how to live without your mobile phone and your email, and it is too late to learn to measure it out, so you will have to punish yourself, as if you were a teenager, and hide the phone in a drawer a couple of hours a day.

You will be as productive as ever, or even more, and you will allow yourself to enjoy the free time with your loved ones.

The bills are a bit higher than normal this month. Try to analyze each one of them to see if there has been some sort of mistake.

And if you see something strange, don’t hesitate to ask for what you consider fair, even if you feel too lazy to do it.


You are starting to see people with some kind of food intolerance, everywhere around you, so you are starting to be worried.

You can run all the tests you want, but don’t be confused between intolerance and allergy, for they are not the same thing.

You will end up getting something good from this, which is that you will start caring more about what you eat and how you cook your food.

You are sleeping worse with these cold temperatures, and your organism resents from it. Set yourself a time to go to bed and follow it strictly.

And try a hot beverage before going to bed, it may help you with the process of falling asleep.

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