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Cancer horoscope for Tuesday, January 30th

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As a water sign, people who are Cancer are very emotional. They appreciate privacy and they know how to differentiate between having casual sexual relationships or making love to their partner.

They also have a special sensitivity to who is around them and a lot of intuition. That is why one of their favorite positions is the missionary: it allows a closer contact and it satisfies the need of privacy they look for in bed.

Today you’ll have the chance to prove if this is true because your partner has a very romantic surprise for you.


When you prepare the project you have to present during your business trip, you should know perfectly well what your weaknesses are and turn to an expert in the subject who can advise you, so you can turn them into strengths.

You know that during these kinds of professional encounters every detail is examined under a microscope and that everything could easily be judged and evaluated. Today you will have to concentrate on preparing the tools you are going to use and covering your back.

Don’t feel bad if you ask for help, each person is specialized in a topic and you have a lot to say about yours.


When you were young you always dreamt of all those things you would like to do when you were older, and now, as an adult, you’re annoyed because you’ve realized you haven’t done any of them. Some of them you are not interested in or they’re out of reach, but you can make others come true.

If none of them convince you, have new ones: they’ll also be a good way of escaping from daily problems and this is something you need to do as soon as possible.

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