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Cancer's prediction for Saturday, February 3rd

Horoscope prediction for those born between June 22nd and July 22nd
Cancer daily horoscope |


You don’t have many moments together lately, so when you have the chance you can switch off from your telephone, forget work or health problems and focus on each other. You've already opened up with your partner enough to be Cancer, and now it's time to strengthen that intimacy.

This doesn’t mean you have to leave your friends aside, because they are also necessary and essential. However, it’s true that some people around you should respect your intimacy and your space. This weekend you will have the opportunity for that to happen.


To carry out these new roles you have been assigned, you need to improve them. During this weekend, you can find time to improve your knowledge in the subject and study how to do your work efficiently. There are thousands of manuals online.

If you think it’s convenient, start with a new course that will help you to specialize in your job. It could mean an expense, but your superiors will positively value the interest.

Do not take saving as a punishment, but as a means of obtaining a much greater reward. You have already accumulated a lot and you are close to being able to go on that trip you have been dreaming of. You decide the moment.


Lately you are very cold and that makes you be constantly in tension. It is a constant feeling of discomfort and that doesn’t agree with you either. Stretch muscles from time to time and take hot drinks to raise your body temperature.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature, because you were not feeling really well already and everything indicates that the cold is just around the corner. Don’t forget about those stomach problems that we warned you about, trying to avoid the weekend feasts. Come on, it's Saturday already!