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Love: Turbulences are coming

Even though Valentine’s day is on this month, it doesn’t mean that Cupid will bless your relationship; in fact, turbulences are coming. Be cool headed and don’t be disrespectful. Doubt about what you have been told and believe only what you have seen with your own eyes, for envy is all around you and you will end up with conflicted feelings.

If you see a friend of yours who is not down to earth, go and help them; they will not ask for it. You’ve been friends for a long time now and you are one of the pillars that they need to come out of the hole they’re in.


The prediction for February for the ones born between the 21st June and the 22nd July brings good news. Cancers must be prepared because the market will put in front of them some juicy professional offers. It’s time to do the homework, prepare the job interviews and most of all, analyse the pros and cons.

It is time to warm the engines up, the path to finding your dreams is about to start. Don’t be caught off guard.


This February, the magical horoscope for Cancer predicts that you will be in peace with yourselves. You will experience a very sociable period, even though you will have to accept that going out doesn’t always imply drinking alcohol and getting drunk. Moderate yourself.

Regarding your health, pay attention to your digestive system and your kidneys, because there’s something that is not right, but nothing serious. The allergy days are starting, so it is not a bad idea to run some tests and check if your allergy levels have changed; you could be grossed out.