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Cancer Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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We have to dream with our eyes open, Cancer, and this week you'll be able to share that beautiful feeling with the person you have in your heart. 

You'll feel good vibrations with that person you're interested in, and you will take away from your mind the feeling that you sometimes have that one lives in the astral plane and the other in a very different one. That you are in the same place and that you can make your way together.

The single Cancerians, who are starting to get to know someone, be very careful about how to control the jealousy that can appear (even if you're a person who doesn't think you're jealous!).

As the days go by, your illusion may skyrocket uncontrollably, and you may promise things you won't be able to fulfill later, and the cycle may close with one voice louder than another.


In the professional field, the Magic Horoscope points out disagreements with someone who is at your same level, but who performs much less than you in your job.

And if you think there are injustices in this regard, don't hesitate in telling everyone.

At least Uranus will send its energies to you so that you can make the circumstances that you have to deal with right, no matter how bent they may seem.

At the end of the week, you will enter a period of analysis about how you manage your economy, and you will still end up accepting that you cannot anchor yourself in past customs.

And what was valid yesterday may be expired, we must evolve.


You'll start Monday with strong energies, a halo of very high invulnerability and an excellent ability to discard those petty worries that at other times seem like a real world to you.

You'll have to control your nerves, alright, Cancer? Because they can alter the perception of your well-being, and you might end up feeling worse than you feel. 

When the weekend comes, you might have to fight against apathy; when the time comes, gather strength to go out and socialize even if you don't feel like it. 

There's a beautiful world waiting for you outside. 

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