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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for September

Your Horoscope for September 2018
SeptemberHoroscope | Joan marc


Love: Are you thinking of expanding the family?

September will start in a climate in which serenity will be the constant tone, at least, during the first two weeks.

Although you'll live happy moments, you shouldn't lose your way, because there are recent past problems that are still there, current and without any solution, and there will remain this way if you keep looking away.

The important thing is that happiness will prevail over pity, and passion isn't probably at its high point, but you can't expect to be all day with the fireworks on. 

In the case that you are single, you should know that in the month that now begins the sense of humor combined with sensuality can be your best weapon to achieve what your heart longs for.

Are you trying to expand the family? According to the Magic Horoscope, the best chance to try it would be the last week of the month.

Money: Control your impulses

It's a constant in your life (and in some other signs as well): the economic chaos caused by an uncontrollable desire to spend.

That consumer anxiety could make you think that you need more money and that you need to find a new formula to get it.

And it will be then when you need to sit down to think and rethink, if this really is like that, or if it is only your perception (probably the second, Cancer).

All these circumstances should make you see that you need a change of direction, be less materialistic, and that you could still satisfy many needs through the exchange of services with the traditional money.

After the first two weeks, the stars point out a bigger working mobility, so it could be a good opportunity to change jobs, or to knock on the right door to get one if you are unemployed.

Health: You're not allowed to complain

You have to lower the shield you put up to defend yourself of everything because if you don't let anyone penetrate in your spiritual dwelling you won't be able to be happy. 

Not everyone has the luck of having people around that worry about their wellbeing, you're lucky!

In the case that something about your physical appearance tortures you (some extra pounds, for example) you're not allowed to complain; instead of this, take action to achieve your aims. 

If you want to change your house a bit and also improve your health, without any doubt the best option would be to opt for Zen decoration, with ecological materials, natural light, and sandy colors.