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According to the stars of the Magic Horoscope, Cancer, this is the perfect moment to start over again in the aspect of love.

The end of a story that you don't like you don't have to put it on a day 1, or on a Monday. 

A Saturday like today is a perfect day to put an end to everything that you don't like. 

You've focused on some purposes that you considered important until now, but you are realizing that they weren't so important.

You don't have to compare yourself to the rest of the world. What is a goal for the whole world, it may not even be an option for you. 

Don't forget to live your life intensely, and fight for what your heart tells you to fight for and not your mind.


A Pisces will come to you with the intention of setting up a business with you. 

It's an area that isn't really in your interest at first, but if you become allies, Pisces could transmit their excitement and something good could come out from that.

Being on that boat doesn't mean you have to pay a lot for it, but don't expect to start receiving benefits from the first minute. It's a dish that has to be cooked over low heat if you want it to be tasty.

Be careful when making jokes in the work environment.

People don't always have a good sense of humor, so they could take certain attitudes in a bad way.

In addition, from above they could consider your jokes as a waste of time, which you're not dedicating to the company as you should.


Dedicate this Saturday to yourself, because you need it. A selfish point doesn't hurt anyone, and if someone gets offended, it's their problem and not yours.

Focus on what is really good for you, and if you don't know what it is, live an inner journey (and an outside one if necessary) to discover it.

Reflect on all the good things that you have and have had, and what you have right now that seems to be regular and that if it changes a little it could be excellent.