Cancer Horoscope TODAY

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer today: Your horoscope for the January 17, 2020

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Start finding the best shelter you can get at home, because the skies on your sign predict that there's a war about to begin (at least, as far as love goes).

Foul communications in between hearts will make fights arise, some of them with a more heated tone than anyone would respectfully provide otherwise. Besides, the skies say that you won't be right, at least not completely.

If things take a turn for the worse, Cancer, don't take too long to apologise; only then will things be able to go back to where they were. Don't see this as a defeat. Besides, it takes great courage to admit to your mistakes in life.

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The Magic Horoscope predicts that today's a good day to invest some of your savings into stock; however, don't just bet money away on what your intuition says. Find yourself some proper help and ask any questions you might be thinking of.

Some of you will feel tempted to lie around at work to get an advantage or two (some time off, for instance). If you're going to bend the truth, do it right and all the way. If you improvise or act on your whim, you'll end up getting caught.

However, if you need a whole day off for a break or to get some of your administrative affairs straight, talk to your Human Resources agent and see if you've got paid time off to use.


Keep calm if you need to go through a slightly uncomfortable medical test, whether it is a blood test (the fear of needles is more common than you'd think), or something more invasive, like a gastroscopy.

The stars are on your side, closely watching over your health: everything will go the way it should. Besides, when you get your results, you can rejoice because there's good news coming up.