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Jupiter blows in you a great energetic fluid and you will be tempted to give the highest priority to your social and professional life.

This can happen even to the detriment of your emotional and family life, and in the case that you have a partner; they may feel a great disappointment.

Putting friends and certain work contacts ahead of your family or your spouse can be a very serious mistake, especially if it is a habit that is perpetuated.

Get back in touch with some of your relatives that you haven't seen for a long time, because it will fill your soul with joy.


You are diligent and conscientious in economic matters as indicated by the Magic Horoscope today, and these qualities will earn you the praise of people you have around you.

And this will come very well to know that you have to follow the path in which you have been walking for some time, that's how you get to success.

You have to ask questions more often to see if everything is fine, be it your manager, your banker or your business partners.

If you are confident and delegate everything to third parties without making sure that everything is correct, then disappointments and uncomfortable surprises arrive.


Jupiter is in retrograde and it affects your health in general and your sense of balance in particular.

Try not to do risky activities today, and try to maintain a healthy and balanced tone in everything you do.

Maybe at some point, you feel a bit overwhelmed because people worry too much about you, and you just want them to let you breathe.

Turn these circumstances around and consider yourself fortunate for having so many individuals who only want your well-being and that you enjoy excellent health.

And if you live complicated moments or unwanted encounters, don't doubt that turning around and going to another side is the best solution.