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Cancer Magic Horoscope for 14th September

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They say patience is a virtue and today you'll have to have some so your spirit doesn't let itself be dragged by the devils.

According to the daily prediction of the Magic Horoscope, your love relationships will cause you irritation today.

Small disagreements without importance can open Pandora's box and let all the disasters out that have been there for months or years. 

You won't have a natural predisposition to show your best light, and you'll show an authoritarian and rough face with which you can't really argue with trivial arguments.

It's noteworthy that the stars show that your immediate environment won't accept your behavior very well and that it could even position itself on the other side of the scale.


Look after your personal details when buying things, either in shops or online with your phone or your computer.

Today, try not to put the secret number of your credit card in front of strangers.

In addition, it's recommended that if you buy online, you don't leave your credit card number saved, and not just for security.

That way it will be harder to buy the next day that you get an outburst of consumerism, it won't be a matter of doing a couple of clicks and see how your accounts go down!


Saturn will encourage you to preserve your health by all possible means, as it can be read in your sky thanks to astrology.

You should be especially careful with the excess of work and learn to switch off from work when you've finished your working day.

If you have a look, your mobile phone has a button that is used to switch it off so no one can bother you, so you can enjoy a bit of peace. 

The pessimist air that you insufflate in a lot of aspects of your life should change, disappear, transform, acquire new shapes. 

Why don't you accept that everything in this life has a solution, although it's not easy to find? You just have to be willing to solve things!