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Cancer Forecast for Sunday 16th September by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Are you ready to tell the truth, nothing but the truth and the whole truth?

Or at least, admit some of it, the one you usually hide and that you only share with some friends?

The Magic Horoscope indicates that as a couple, today should be a day of confessions, something a bit tricky.

If there's something about your partner that satisfies you completely, it's time to tell them and give some light to your life.

Don' expect immediate miracles because things won't solve themselves in minutes; honesty always pays back; you just have to be patient. 

The blood won't get to the river, and the stars will help you find a good path full of peace and spiritual harmony for both of you.

Take advantage if you're single to talk clearly with that person that you think about all the time, tell them if you see the future with them or not, what you expect from life, everything that goes through your head.

This way you'll see if it will be good to cross your paths or not.


Every man to his own trade, don't start projects to make money. 

The Magic Horoscope wants to take the idea of stock-market speculation out of your head because your chances of making wealth will be very low.

Perhaps it's more convenient that you choose to invest in real estate or art objects.

Your current global climate will require you to be clear about your dealings with colleagues and to take your responsibilities seriously.

Fortunately, the Sun and Mercury will come to support you, and you will notice an increase in the desire to shine and to refine intellectual joviality.


The current good astral atmosphere will favorably influence your psyche because Venus looks for you and helps your morality to be up.

You will feel good and satisfied, enough to prepare yourself to overcome all the daily obstacles that you encounter.

The red color will give you a special strength on this day, wear a colored garment of that tone, and you can close the day by lighting a crimson candle in a window.