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You will love maintaining a climate of harmony and complicity with the people you love; a love that doesn't have to be directed exclusively to who is officially your partner.

You know that there are times when your feelings can be shared with some other person, although it's something you would never say out loud because of shame.

According to the Magic Horoscope today you will make real efforts in this direction, in working on the way to say what goes through your head and your heart, because you are tired of acting as expected and not as you really want.

Neptune will make sure that your good will is rewarded completely, or at least, in a very interesting percentage.


Although in general, as a Cancer that you are, you usually make sure you maintain your financial balance and your family's one, but this time with the start of a new week you lose your head a little.

You may not have all the control you expect when it comes to pleasing your loved ones, so be careful, don't go emptying your bank account in an oversight.

As an advice, take only cash today, leave your credit card at home and you won't spend as much.

With this your purchasing power is limited to that amount that you are carrying, and you can't spend one more penny.


Control yourself. The Magic Horoscope sends you this clear and concise message for this Monday.

You are aware that you are doing too many activities and very diverse ones.

What consequences can this have on your health? Very easy. That at this rate, you will soon forget where your goals are and what they are.

That you feel lost and anguished for not finding the right direction.

Be more focused, Cancer (don't worry because Pluto will watch over you in this regard) and take your senses with a sharp and quick sense to avoid professional mistakes as well as in loving and friendly relationships.