Cancer Daily Horoscope | HoróscopoMá



There are planets in retrograde that cause your love relationships to be unfortunate, and they invite Cupid to turn around and forget about you and your heart.

An unfavorable wind will explode in your relationships with others, including your partner (or the person who you start to have something you still prefer not to name).

Don't be too sure of yourself because there will be risks of misunderstanding or additional obstacles to those that will come by themselves.

The supports you were promised (especially by family members) could be withdrawn if you commit clumsiness or imprudence.

Try to control your rage and bad temper; don't let them arise at any time no matter how much your nerves are winced to levels they had never reached before.



The black clouds that affect your heart will also bring some rain (and even thunder) on the economic and labor area of your life, Cancer.

Because the astral atmosphere of the day will have adverse effects on the sector of your work.

Some natives of this sign (especially those who work in banking, finance and investments) will have to face enmities in front of a colleague or a superior, with who the disagreement will be obvious at a human level.

Sincerity and saying things as you think can provoke wounds that other individuals, although they should rather be labeled as hyenas, will come to infect with offensive comments.

At least, your domestic economy won't give you problems; something is something, right?



You won't have health problems; no planet will threaten this area.

It's a good thing that in health the Magic Horoscope lets you take a breath, right?

With the support of Mars and Jupiter, two energetic planets that together give an interesting energy flow, you will be in great shape.

That said, don't exaggerate your vigor, or show yourself stronger than you really are.

Learn to develop your inner rest oasis, or else, you may end up feeling a little tired and even sad.

A good bath with red flower petals lit only with candles can be a good way to set up your own oasis.