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In the aspect of the heart, the trend will be good as the Magic Horoscope points out, especially because of the position of the planet Venus.

The goddess of love will fill you with a magnetism that no one can ignore, and someone who until now wasn't part of your life may be attracted to you by the novelty.

If now nobody occupies your heart that person can bring you mountains of happiness and wonders, although you must collaborate allowing everything to flow, and showing the kind face that you don't always show on a first date.

In your marriage (or whatever lasting relationship you have today) feelings will stabilize with beauty and harmony.



Someone wants to annoy you today, Cancer, about the way you manage your finances and the one of your family.

Issues that don't affect them directly, and that they only give an opinion by mere boredom and a certain evil.

Try to stay calm instead of throwing oil on the fire, as this will be the best way to prevent things from turning against you in the future.

Things are complicated enough to make new enemies, right?

The goddess Fortune wants to lend a hand, and will help you win a lottery or contest for which you already had some kind of participation.

Maybe what you get won't solve your life, but it will give you a good temporary joy, which will help to counteract the irritations that cause you on the other hand.



Looking back is positive as long as it helps us to look to the future with courage, willing to improve ourselves and not making the same mistakes we already experienced yesterday, either in our flesh or in people close to us.

This is interesting that you know, because the Magic Horoscope predicts for Cancer a Wednesday impregnated in melancholy, especially remembering love stories that won't come back, or loved ones who left to the other world.

But ask yourself a question. Why lose energy in what has disappeared, in what is no longer here? Is it not better to channel them in the present and in the future?