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Cancer Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 23rd August

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Today happiness as couple is expected, especially if you are a couple that because of life circumstances you can live under the same roof. 

The Magic Horoscope points out that the two most beneficial planets of the Zodiac will influence in the aspect of love for those born under the sign of Cancer: Jupiter, known as the planet of luck, and Venus, the goddess of love.

The astral conjunction of both will make the bond to consolidate at a sensual and erotic level and also in a purely intellectual aspect.

On the rest, very calm tendencies are presented, even if lately your heart has been shaken by violent and unexpected storms.

As a family, everything will be fine, thanks in large part to your goodwill; you are the glue that will hold together a lot of different pieces.


Neptune invites you to focus almost exclusively on the pursuit of your professional goals, those that you often have dimmed.

Enough asking yourself who you are, where you are and where you want to go, don't you think, Cancer?

Don't resist astral influence as a result of a lack of motivation or even courage (call it whatever you want!).

If you give your best, success will be at the end of the road. And if you are considering changing your activity or work methods, do it now, start moving your counters today!


To avoid poisoning, try to cook the meat well, to kill all the bacteria.

On this Thursday this is highly recommended (your stomach is not at its best!) even if you go out to eat.

And if there's a certain piece of meat that you like undercooked and with a little blood, look out for your health and ask for it well-cooked.

Try to develop your agility well, and if you are going to play a sport warm up consciously, to avoid injuries.

Likewise, a certain caution is indicated in the Magic Horoscope when going up and down the stairs. So, to prevent, always try to keep a hand on the railing, to avoid any missteps.