Cancer Daily Horoscope |



You were prepared to walk the love trails with great comfort this Wednesday of the end of the month, but you will find some clouds on the horizon, and also various stones on the way.

It's likely that you feel that the other person isn't taking care of you, especially if you are taking the first steps in a relationship that you expect to be for life.

Although the Magic Horoscope invites you to do a conscience test, because you will also be responsible for the problems that appear.

Because you know that your time availability to take care of the other person's heart is very limited because you have numerous obligations and occupations of all kinds.

Think how you could change this, and propose options and alternatives with a lot of tact and kindness.


With Jupiter's favor, you'll have a good chance of getting a promotion or a salary increase. Although for this you must take care of the language, how to request things and use the best words.

Don't make them feel you're begging for money, but that you're claiming what is yours.

For those who work in independent professions or work as freelancers, be careful not to take excessive risks.

An era is approaching in which you should know yourself better, Cancer, and bring to light those hidden disciplines that can help you increase your wealth.


Clean up your appearance and go out, Cancer. You spend a lot of time locked up and you should worry more about meeting friends and your loved ones.

You have to know that there will be a good chance in an important meeting in which you'll be told news that will make you very happy, unexpected situations that you couldn't imagine.

About your physical state, the stars suggest that it will be good, not optimal, but decent enough.

Your vitality is excellent, no one will notice any weakness in the case you have it, but nevertheless, you must be very careful with temperature variations.

Going from cold to warm environments and vice versa could bring you an annoying flu that would have damaged you for several days.