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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 31st August

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Your feelings of love will expand coinciding with the arrival of the end of the month.

This is due to the current position of the planet Jupiter, which makes your relationship evolve, but be careful: take care of your partner's sensitivity.

Remember that in the issues of the heart and feelings, as in so many other spheres of our life, understanding and tolerance can work miracles, and make a flame illuminate what seemed to be darkness.

In the event that you are single, that astral benevolence affects you, so don't reject any invitation: you should meet a fellow traveler who will take you by the hand from the first minute to guide you on a path of happiness.

But don't talk too soon about a love story because everything can evaporate, moderate your language.


A question that worries you is if you will face a generalized conflict this Friday, and the Magic Horoscope answers that it seems that you will.

It doesn't matter, Cancer, don't be discouraged! It will still be possible to act in a wise way that minimizes harmful impacts.

The stars advise you to continue the lines that you know are the correct ones; you could even free some stones from your backpack to be able to walk lighter.

Mercury advises you to be very careful in your expenses if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It seems that you run the risk of being carried away by a way of life far superior to your real possibilities.


Today will be a day in which you won't have to aim any setback in your health history. That's good, right?

The Magic Horoscope will be clearly in solidarity with the natives of the crab like you, and will help you overcome the nervousness of recent times.

Are you receiving a treatment and you think it isn't working?

Stop distrusting the impact it has, you will see that it's perfect to improve your defenses or to avoid a relapse.

Take advantage of the astral opportunity to definitively eliminate some vices that marked your life in the past.