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The lonely hearts of the crab natives will be negatively influenced by Neptune, which will sometimes confuse them today.

What should you do? First, try not to see reality more beautiful than it really is. This will save you unpleasant surprises.

If you see a trace of argument with a person who you're starting a relationship with, or even if an ex-partner reappears in your life wanting to fight, try to look the other way.

Leave it, why create new problems that cause headaches?

In the case that you have a partner you will also notice tension and anguish that will break the harmony that you hoped to enjoy.

Consider a victory if you achieve that the thing ends up united at the end of the day with the same intensity as when the day begins. There will be better days, there is no doubt.


It's going to be a day full of satisfactions and professional success for those born under the sign of Cancer, especially those who work languages. 

This doesn't mean that you aren't going to find any obstacle that you should overcome with skill, or that a nearly magic instinct guides you when making decisions. 

In fact, in the sky you can see the way the Moon will turn you into someone too naïve, gullible and vulnerable to tarantulas that try to fool you and throw you some poison. You aren't immune to furtive or interested maneuvers. Keep your eyes wide open!

However, Jupiter will lighten your imagination to be able to come out any injustice in which another person may put you in, or that you put yourself in.


The stars recommend precaution when doing your everyday care.

Don't get scared, you won't have to put yourself in a plastic bubble or anything like that, you'll just have to pay more attention if you have to shave and you use the razor blade.  

And cut your toe nails well so they don't become ingrown.

There's no important physical problems for today.