Cancer Horoscope TOMORROW

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer tomorrow: Your horoscope for February 18, 2020

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Each person perceives love under a different shade; right now you think your romance looks like a company, where there are certain goals and expectations to meet, and that allows you and your partner to rise up to the challenge.

However, your other half isn't comfortable with all this rigidity; you're more of a dictator and less of a desire, and you never make their wishes come true because you think that yours are much more interesting or beneficial for the relationship.

If you're a Cancer free as a bird, you could regret some of the mistakes you made on a past romance, but there's no point in scratching your scabs and wounds. Bring out your best smile into play and try falling in love again!

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You give a lot of importance to your true calling; you think that, if you manage to work your way to the fullest, your career will become a pleasant ride which you'll just enjoy and where you'll let yourself go.

Take care of your professional relationships and connections, especially when it comes to those colleagues that were close to you in the hardest times of your career.

When going shopping to fill up your fridge and pantry, you'll know how to make the final amount lower than low; still, for certain things you're a bit ridiculous when you choose to buy too little of certain items.

You should also keep in mind that if you shop little, you'll have to go to the store too often, and you'll be wasting even more time.


Your health is doing pretty well this Tuesday, but you're still a magnet to attract the illnesses of people in close range (especially if we're talking about kids).

Your stomach is your body's most sensitive area; if you have any issues, it'll be enough for you to have a soft diet and to drink enough water to avoid getting dehydrated.

If you're leading more of a sedentary lifestyle you'll regret not moving around more, because an unexpected active turn of events will make you extremely tired or sore.