Cancer Horoscope TOMORROW

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer tomorrow: Your horoscope for the January 18, 2020

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You need to clear the path you've blocked all by yourself. Perhaps in an unconscious way, you're always looking for something that stops you from trying out new things, alternate routes that lead you into happiness.

You love being the centre of attention in conversations, and to stand out any way you can, even making a big deal out of thin air.

This Saturday you should try to love yourself better, and let your hair down all the way. Try out that thing that's always made you curious but which you never fully tried. Talk to your partner, suggest new date ideas and situations, and fly away together. Let your real personality shine, Cancer.

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You're perfectly aware of the fact that money doesn't grow on trees; in order to earn it, you need to work a lot and really hard. Remember this motto when you get business proposals that encourage you to invest in something that can become a quick, safe and profitable asset.

Your desire to improve your financial situation could make you step into the clutches of scammers or con artists, pyramid schemes that will blow your savings apart.

You'll be assured that you can trust the system, but... don't you think that everyone would know about that money-making method if it were that simple?

The best equation to work for your finances and watch them closely is this: take some hard work when you need to do it, and add moderate spending when you're off. No more, no less.


The week's gone on a bit too long and you might experience some mental exhaustion. You need new methods to unplug and get your mind free. Try out some Eastern meditation and you'll feel brand-new. Also, try to sleep more and better.

You'll miss having a friend around behind you, giving you a slight push to get afloat in a sea of worries. However, try not to become obsessed with this, because being disappointed at the Universe isn't the best thing you can do.