Cancer WEEKLY Horoscope

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer weekly: Your weekday horoscope from 13 - 19 January 2020

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You'd like life to have a user's handbook to read through on certain points of the week when pessimism will not just knock on your door, but almost bang it down.

Your life isn't filled with more issues than at other points in your life, it really isn't; however, now you're obsessed with past mistakes, present misfortunes and future disappointments.

Try to stop that dramatic flow from going any further, because you've actually got great things around you to rejoice in. Learn to enjoy yourself, lose some of your fears, and experience love a little more intensely, Cancer. Let Venus be your guide!

If you're single, you need to live out this halfway week of January under a calmer perspective; let circumstances naturally drag you into new areas, but remember to always be honest first.

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You've got a serious desire to spend money, and you'd even make a deal with the devil to spend your whole week enjoying life and going on leisurely adventures.

However, the Magic Horoscope would like you to embark on a hard-working road, to make sure you can stash some savings under your mattress in case things get ugly. Be sure to take proper care of your bank account.

Someone close to you will get in trouble for not being cautious, and you'll learn a valuable lesson from their experience.

In order to keep a closer track of what you're spending, you can carry around a notepad to write down everything you purchase; or, if you're more into technology, find a phone app to do so.


You've got a heavenly light watching over you this week; you know for sure which goals you're after, and you'll bring out your highest willpower ever to get closer to that glory.

Temptation will be just around the corner, but you'll know how to push it off with a firm grip, and to protect your good mood in the process.

Your energy levels are pretty interesting, but you'll have to dose them evenly to avoid passing out. Reaching the finish line is what's truly important, and to do that, you need a constant pace.