Cancer WEEKLY Horoscope

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Cancer weekly: Your horoscope for 17 - 23 February 2020

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This atypical February is finally coming to an end, and it'll have 29 days because it's a leap year; your skies point out that love will be filled with vitality, and passion will run through your veins again, just like your passionate teenage days.

You'll know how to make the most of every day and every waking hour to enjoy yourself, you'll try to be happy and to make your loved one be so too. If you're single, you're in for a series of encounters with your beloved one, and maybe you could even open up about your feelings and tell them what's inside of you.

As far as couples go, Cancer, you'll fall in love with your partner's smile once again, and you'll have to pinch yourself once or twice to remember that you're not in a dream, that everything you're experiencing and you've got is real. If you can, prepare a romantic dinner for two or re-do one of your most memorable dates.

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It gets really hard for you to gather up some savings, but you happily toss them away into the first activity you're suggested to do. Learn to say no to what doesn't feel right, and there's no explanation to be given whatsoever.

You'll do a lot for yourself if you set straight all the papers and documents from your accounts; keep them handy in case you have to hand in a justification somewhere. Also, be very mindful of business dates you should attend over the next few days, and try not to postpone any of them.

You'll be able to take important steps in some of your most ambitious projects, but not everything will be a bed of roses: you'll have to defend your posture because you'll see people that oppose your strategy.


Your health's evolving slow but steady; those of you who have recently undergone surgery, or if you're still dragging around the sequels of an illness, will have to load up on your patience.

Watch out for new medical treatments from your doctor, and if they've told you to have a different set of medication, read the prospect thoroughly to avoid being surprised with side effects (for instance, extreme drowsiness).

And if you've started off a diet, you'll see your efforts rewarded, but don't celebrate victory with a huge feast!