Cancer February 17, 2020

21 Jun - 22 Jul

Prediction of February 17, 2020

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A new week is kicking off, and your skies look pretty blissful around love: you're still deeply in love with your other half, and it becomes a piece of cake to make an effort to keep them happy.

You regret having kept your feelings under lock and key for a while, perhaps because you had issues at work or family duty called. You've got a wonderful ability to love and to make the other person smile fills you with glee.

If you're a single Cancer, you'll be able to reach your beloved's heart through the small things; make them know about your intentions gradually, and most importantly, always keep honesty as your main policy. Don't forget to mention anything.

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When it comes to money and work, unfortunately, you won't do as well as you're doing in love. You can be slightly stubborn when making choices, without listening to any good ideas that you find around you.

You'll be extremely attached to perfection as well, and while you used to brush off certain open ends until yesterday, today those same open ends will be extremely irritating to you. You have to watch that foul mood, no matter how angry or tense you get.

Some of you who recently left your job (either because it made you unhappy or because it had terrible conditions) will regret your past choices this Monday. Don't worry too much, you'll soon get a better chance.


In order to take off the load of those sleep-stealing fears and anxieties, the stars encourage you to put pen to paper.

Whether it is through fiction or writing a diary with your daily experiences, the art of writing will allow you to channel your emotions and embrace peace and quiet.

Also, the Magic Horoscope points out that health or wellness-related trips will bring excellent results when you come back home.