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The Capricorn Prediction for the Month of August

Your Capricorn Prediction for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Editorial Team


Love: A month of emotional security

You'll start off this August discovering a whole new world of qualities in someone that will end up totally captivating your attention. In love, over the course of the next few weeks, you'll discover that you're more committed than you thought.

During the first few days of this new month Magic Horoscope's cosmos recommend that you work on strengthening ties a little more with family members and that you take special care of parent-child relationships. In fact, a series of circumstances will help you to get closer to a family member, but at the same time, you'll feel so distant.

You'll wear your heart on your sleeve, whether you're single or in a relationship. You'll find an endless source of energy in this feeling, that will bring out the best in you.

If you're single, you'll meet someone that could change your life completely. The only obstacle that you'll have to overcome will be impatience: maybe they'll arrive too soon or that they'll play hard to get and you'll have to wait until the end of the month to finally meet them.

However, if something is going to mark the unfolding of the coming weeks, it will be emotional security. Although there could be arguments or unpleasant situations, these will be punctual and irrelevant in any case.

Towards the middle of the month, love will turn into one of your priorities and you'll feel willing to do whatever it takes for this. At the end of the month, an intense experience will make you feel like you're floating in the clouds.

Money: Consistency and patience will be key

With August's arrival, you'll ring in a month full of happiness, Capricorn, but this won't save you from a piece of unexpected news that will come on the first day of the month and that may not seem very pleasant to you. However, this won't be anything that you can't resolve relatively easily.

Check your schedule because, in it, there are some opportunities that will be excellent when it comes to your new business, Capricorn. Remember that you'll need one more partner to make your project viable and put it into action, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone and look for people that could be interested in collaborating with you.

Compensate for your time working with time for rest, especially in a month like this one, and in your case, you'll find yourself in a wonderful phase of changes on a professional level.

This way you'll be able to stay focused as much as possible. Patience, perseverance, and consistency, will be key when it comes to opening the doors to your new future, that you're getting closer and closer to every day.

Mark the weekend of the 11th and 12th of August on your calendar, because around these dates, you'll be able to finally pay off the debt that you've had for a long time now.

This is an event that you'll be able to celebrate since starting then, Magic Horoscope's cosmos predict the arrival of a substantial improvement in your finances.

The second half of the month will be full of surprises. To start, a person will come into your life whose presence will you bring an incredible economic change.

Also, you'll have a great deal of support that will come from none other than the moon's energy, which will allow you to make great decisions since you won't be swayed by certain emotions.

Health: Try meditation

Whether you're on vacation or not, try to avoid fried, frozen, and pre-made foods this month, since some foods seem to be harming you more than they're benefitting you.

During the first week of the month, music will form an important part of your life again since you'll seek this out as a tool to express your feelings, whether you're in a good mood or otherwise.

This will be better for you than you realize, Capricorn. They say the more that you enjoy these feelings, the longer that they'll last. You'll send positive energy to the cosmos, and they'll thank you by sending you good vibes in return.

Relaxation, meditation, and the time that you have available to spend on yourself and these activities will be fundamental. Practices like yoga and Taichi will turn into your new allies, as long as they allow you to exercise in a way that's adapted to your abilities and that helps you to become more aware of your own body.

Except for occasional episodes of instability, there won't be serious problems that threaten to force you to cancel your plans. An overload of work could cause an anxiety attack, so now that you've been warned, try to work on this.