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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 30

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Today you could experience problems with your significant other. You're tired of not feeling supported in your decision making especially since you're the one getting all the blame if things go wrong. 

You feel a lack of companionship, and you're fed up waiting for things to change which is why you should try and be on your own today and reflect on your relationship expectations. Examine what it is that you want from your significant other and for how long you're willing to wait until the situation improves.

Try and see the best sides of your partner and also try to get some perspective on your situation, perhaps some distance will help you see things clearer. 

In case you mention this situation to someone, make sure you don't take their advice too literally. Friends are not always the best advisers. 

You could try a therapy session and see if you manage to clear your head.


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You've just realized that you've spent too much money this month and you won't be able to make ends meet. You might have to ask for a loan or find a seasonal job if you want to avoid any economic problems. 

At home, a regular visitor might make some offhand comments about how you manage your finances. Pay them no mind, as these are people you should eliminate from your life seeing how all they do it try and bring you down. 

Call a family member that can help, don't be afraid and don't let your pride take this opportunity from you. 


Due to the pressure you have been under, today you might experience headaches that sadly won't go away with a simple painkiller. 

Take a nice shower and try to forget about your problems. Massage the back of your neck with essential oils or creams like lemon balm, lavender, juniper, or other aromatic herbs. You will feel amazingly refreshed. 

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