Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Someone will spill the beans about something that you did, and that might compromise you in front of your adversaries.

You will manage to overcome this situation during the afternoon, and you'll be able to show your good traits, your honesty and unwavering loyalty for your loved ones. You will be sad to discover that the person sabotaging you was one of your so-called friends. 

Protect your relationship against any difficulties that might come your way. 

Single Capricorn will use any opportunity they have to go to parties where they might meet their significant other. Analyze the situation thoroughly and decide if they are the right ones, it's not enough that this person fulfills your emotional needs, they also have to bring stability into your life. 


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Today you will be rewarded for many of your efforts. You have worked overtime most days, even on weekends and have surpassed everyone's expectations of you. 

As a result of all your sacrifices, your work and impeccable behavior are being recognized. This is the time to be proud of yourself and enjoy the moment; there will be many more like it to come, this is just the beginning. 


Mars' negative influences will give way to tension and anger outbursts throughout the day. You need to avoid these extreme feelings as they affect your immune system and your blood pressure. Find a different way of managing your frustration.  

It won't do you any good to use sharp words or raise your voice. The problems you are facing are not impossible to resolve, and the people around you are not your enemies. 

Let go of this lousy temper, and don't allow your character to get bitter.