Your Capricorn Horoscope for November 1

Your Capricorn prediction for Friday, 1 November 2019
Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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It's a fantastic day to get in touch with your loving and passionate side. You'll see yourself in the middle of a romantic situation that will generate restlessness. Forgetting about everything to go after love isn't something you'd normally do. You're one of those who organise their life in detail Capricorn and you're about to generate colossal disorder in your daily life.

You'll enjoy love and romantic relationships in a different way from what's normal for you.

The natives who enjoy a long-standing relationship have the astral opportunity to renew their vows and visualise a new path together today. The future can be transformed into a stage of happiness if you leave past mistakes behind and forget moments of pain Capricorn.

Those who are single will have the encounter with an old love that will remind them of a part of themselves that no longer exists. You'll be aware of your own mistakes and defects to further polish your personality.

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If you feel that your affairs haven't been going well, think positive, Capricorn. The good news will begin to arrive once you get carried away by destiny without trying to control what's to come.

You know that you have spoiled your professional affairs more than once by exerting unnecessary pressure on things. Letting go is the idea you need to practice this Friday.

If you're one of the natives who's looking for a job, today is a very positive day. You'll get news and calls for interviews. You may receive the news of an employment contract you were waiting for.


Your ailments won't be resolved by magic. Justifying yourself by saying that you have little time to go for a check-up with a specialist won't help you improve.

Your wellness and health depend on you. No one can do it for you, Capricorn.