It's a peaceful day in relation to emotions and family life. You will feel very good when sharing your time with the people you love with whom you usually spend little time and yet are an important part of your life.

Natives who have recently moved in with their partner could see their emotional expectations come to life. You could even receive news of a pregnancy or the return of family members who were far away.

Capricorn, the stars will favour everything related to family life and feelings.

While it'll be a wave of joy, calm and tenderness will make the day a very relaxed one.

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The natives of Capricorn will find themselves dealing with too many issues at once today.

The wave of calls, notes and communications will make you feel quite stressed today. Although the natives of your sign tend to like diversity and movement, fatigue will be noticeable.

You'll feel that the day isn't long enough for you to do everything you have to do and that's why you could feel overwhelmed. You have to take things slowly, breathe and organise yourself so as not to feel exhausted.

If you're self-employed, you'll experience a difficult day. Solving financial and tax matters will be urgent. Jupiter in your area of ​​material commitments with other people will lead you to negotiations with potential partners or investors.


It's an excellent day to end some health problems. The search for solutions will be around bad habits when sitting in front of your computer or problems related to bad postures.

Finding a good traumatologist or kinesiologist will help you solve annoying ailments, Capricorn.