Today is a special Friday since it's the full moon that corresponds to your birthday month. The eclipse that occurs with this full moon in Cancer does nothing but show an important moment in your year and therefore it's a good day to pay special attention to relationships.

It's likely to be a day when you realise details that build barriers between your emotional life and your social life.

If you're in a relationship, you may feel that your partner demands too much and doesn't understand your needs, Capricorn. You may require more support or, on the contrary, you may find out that they have needs of the same nature.

It's a good day to establish ways to balance this issue. Respecting the co-existence of your career and your emotional and family life is an art that will require great focus and attention. Seeking a balance will help you feel at peace and joyful.

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It's a good day when it comes to material benefits. Sales may bring satisfaction.

Natives who are negotiating the acquisition of homes or real estate can move forward and trust that the results of these operations will be favourable.

Capricorn, if you're involved in money-related problems, the full moon will attract good fortune. You can organise your financial affairs and if you have debts, refinance your payments.

The fortune number for today is 31. This number guides you to keep your spirits high to stay constant in your fight to overcome obstacles. It shows a great capacity for work and success in your career.


Today you'll have a day of difficulties regarding your emotions that will weaken you. Your body will be affected by your feelings so try to stay focused and you'll feel much better.