Capricorn horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You'll experience a fantastic Sunday when it comes to your love life Capricorn. Relationships show signs of improvement today and this gives you confidence and hope.

The behaviours your partner has made you endure are starting to change. You should no longer be defensive since affection replaces conflicts.

If you're one of the single natives, you're ready for love to appear in your life. Open your eyes because someone who's very dear to you will change roles. You may also secretly love that person. It's time to experience this love fully, Capricorn.


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You may have to evaluate how to avoid competition. You have many competitors that could be very harmful, Capricorn.

Your image could be damaged by the actions of those who want to take what's yours.

Protecting your workspace in the market is part of the efforts you have to do these days.

Find new perspectives for your career. Protecting your finances includes showing yourself in a different way. Use social media to change your image. Learn to manage these tools efficiently and you'll see what favourable changes come from that.


Your skin is a reflection of your emotional life. Believe it or not, the state of your skin can show the way you feel. This large organ is one of the weak spots of the natives of your sign.

Magic Horoscope warns you of the need to take care of the health of your skin Capricorn.

Stretch marks, irritation and dry patches are signs of stress that must be taken care of so that they don't get worse.

There are many natural treatments with coconut or almond oil that moisturise your skin and will free you from the discomfort of cracked or irritated skin.