The moon continues its path through Virgo and from there, it influences you in a good way by providing emotional stability and elocution when communicating what you feel. You can say everything your heart feels without fear, exaggeration or keeping your emotions to yourself Capricorn.

It's a very nice day. Harmony and moderation accompany you so you're willing to give your heart and your presence to those around you. Many sweet words and romantic looks will caress your soul.

The natives of the third position could have a beautiful moment when meeting someone with whom they have lived a very intense romantic past. The stars urge you to evaluate the past to move towards new feelings.

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You have to look after your interests because the astral aspects show tension between you and your allies. You might discover that some are playing against you. You thought they were friends and that they supported you. However, the truth is that they have intentions that aren't entirely favourable for you.

The fortune number for Capricorn natives for today is 27. This number urges you to defend yourself from the unexpected. You'll have to be alert to everything regarding your finances and your material world. The stars urge you to protect yourself from betrayals and prepare yourself for various surprises.


The astral positions show a tendency to respiratory tract infections. Be careful with temperature changes, eat oranges and other foods that are rich in vitamin C and drink plenty of fluids, which all play an important part in prevention.

Many natives will have to deal with allergies. Rhinitis and irritated eyes are astral tendencies for Capricorn.