It's a very special day in which the natives of Capricorn will be integrating very intense energy regard their sexuality and their intimate world.

Much of what you took for granted until today could be lost or begin to disintegrate from the energy movement you experience today.

Capricorn natives who are in a relationship may discover a situation of great intensity that will make them look for new ways of experiencing their desires.

Singles will be in a position to find different responses to their deepest internal pains in experiences.

These planetary alignments might provoke situations that might be difficult to solve where there's nothing left but to surrender to destiny. You'll lose control of your life, so surrender to live what comes, Capricorn.

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The natives of Capricorn tend to be very austere when it comes to buying things. They like to buy good quality items that reflect their elegance and productivity. However, today you experience an astrological trend that could boost the consumption of things that aren't of very good quality or useful. 

If you get carried away by this astral aspect, you'll regret it in a short time, so you should refrain from buying things that aren't necessary or urgent.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 45. This number drives you to heal the past and use it as a seed for the present. You can regenerate every day if you observe reality and its constant changes.


You'll feel energetic although stress can lead you to certain challenges that lead to deep discomfort later.

Letting your emotional mind rule your body today will be very bad for your health. Try to organize your time so that you have a space for meditation or conscious relaxation.