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Capricorn, you have to be polite when exchanging words with someone you're close to with whom you don't fully agree. Otherwise, you could suddenly find yourself in arguments that you wouldn't want to have for anything in the world.

You'll have difficulty expressing your feelings and opinions in a coherent way or people may not want to understand you when you show your pain and that irritates you.

If you can't find a common goal with your partner, arguments might be increasingly common at home.

When conflicts become recurring, the advice of friends or family members might no longer be enough.

Maybe it's time to seek help at couples therapy, Capricorn. You might be able to understand each other better with the help of a neutral third party.


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You could be fired by surprise or you might be about to leave your company for other reasons.

The possibility of suffering a betrayal at work is high, but Magic Horoscope also has good news for you. What seems negative in your life will open a new cycle regarding your career.

You're aware that changes are often disguised as conflict and pain, but it reality isn't easy for something new to happen without taking over something old.

You have to change from one condition to another even if it generates fear.

Find the courage and strength of the diplomatic strategy that Mars can give you from Libra and embark on this amazing adventure.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign for today is 1. This creative number will connect you with the divinity that dwells within you. Your strength of character will lead to the birth of new things in your life.


You'll feel very well although stress is typical of the union between the moon and the electric planet Uranus in transit. Sitting in the park for a few minutes will be very healing for you Capricorn.