The tensions that have accumulated for some time will come to light thanks to the poor location of the stars today.  The Moon and the sweet planet Venus, are both in very bad locations regarding your Sun. From the cardinal signs, they make it difficult for you to show your emotions and they distance you from your heart's desires.

This has happened more often today you feel that your head is going in the opposite direction to your feelings. You say and do things in a way others consider to be very negative and you'll see that by their reactions. You'll find opposition, especially from women around you or your partner.

Your energy will be directed in a very different way. It isn't a good day to decide the course of your relationships.

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Despite all the difficulties that arise today, your willingness to move forward and prosper won't stop for anything or anyone, Capricorn.Today you'll fight very hard to get the success you deserve and you'll be very clear about your true goals.

The natives who are looking for a job won't have it easy today at interviews but you shouldn't doubt your skills. Your firm character can result in a better concept of the way you work. Your responsibility will be valued.

If you have your own business, today might be a bad day for you, Capricorn. Your career will be very demanding and it'll take you away from family obligations. Don't worry, this trend will pass in a few days.


The planetary arrangements show a favourable tendency for the physical health of Capricorn natives although you might feel a touch of melancholy or sadness when thinking of the past.