Many natives will feel somewhat depressed despite having solar energy still in your sign. For those born in the third position, you'll get a lot of news regarding your love or family life that won't be entirely pleasant.

A loved one's tension and tears could tarnish a day in which you'd like to spend a moment of intimacy with your partner and thus forget about the world.

The moon in Leo stimulates your sex life and reminds you of moments of love that you'd like to relive. There won't be a lot of drama today if you let yourself get carried away by the joy of being in a relationship.

If you're single you shouldn't run away from a seductive force that appeals to you, Capricorn.

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Family assets and matters regarding the distribution of money or common expenses with the people you live with will be a topic of conversation and may lead to arguments.

Organising your home's finances is an arduous task when you get resources from various sources. Reaching agreements is very important if you want to leave behind your role as the controller that you have become so accustomed to and because of which you're judged on several occasions.

The stars suggest you start leaving behind your mental habit of thinking you're superior. There are many ways to do the same things, Capricorn, you should start opening your eyes to the diversity of paths there are if you want to evolve.

Connect with Gemini people to learn how to integrate different things to obtain a valid option.

You'll see your well-being grow in a more spontaneous and relaxed way.


Capricorn, your physical body is in astral harmonybut your mind is stuck in the process of letting go of old habits and therefore, you could feel overwhelmed and annoyed.