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You've had difficulties making peace last in your life as a couple. Everything has been very hard in recent months. Some natives of the sign have even experienced losses and painful situations.

You want this long period of transformation to come to an end, but you'll still have to endure it for a bit longer, Capricorn.

You shouldn't let sadness prevent you from progressing. You might feel confused. One day you feel that you're going down a path of clarity and the next day you feel lost. You aren't going crazy. You're changing and part of the change is feeling a lot of insecurity.

You'll have to feel confident in the triumph of love despite uncertainty, Capricorn.


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The natives of the first position may already be vibrating the arrival of Jupiter in their lives.

Abundance is knocking on the doors of Capricorn while it leaves the sign of Sagittarius. Everything that refers to professional and material life begins to show a sense of relief.

It's even an excellent time to travel or study. If you were thinking about starting higher education, it's the perfect time to find out about costs and curricula of the degrees you're so interested in.

Don't continue to delay your growth, you can manage everything even if you think you're not enough today.

 If you're one of the natives who are looking for a new job, you'll soon receive unexpected news. An old boss comes looking for you again.


You're feeling emotionally exhausted rather than physically, but you can feel joy and good humour. You can see things clearly and you know yourself well. You have the necessary tools to get out of the state of grief in which you find yourself, but you have to do it without fear. Nothing will change if you stay in the same place today.

Capricorn, you have to be brave and do what you know you should do.